Blue Star Bottom loading water dispenser Black Color – BDHPCF1



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No more lifting heavy 20 liter bottle jars to put on top. This Bottom loading water dispenser has space for Bottle which goes at the bottom.


It has reverse feed mechanism. Simply push the bottle in the bottom and insert the pipe in the bottle.


Three temperature taps – Hot, plain and cold are available in the water dispenser. The water can be dispensed from tap which has high durability.


The model has been given sleek looks so that it looks good wherever it is placed. It is ideal for reception, conference rooms and other places where you dont want the bottle to be shown.


Body made of ABS plastic. Tap & tank made of Food grade stainless steel. Heavy duty bottle piercer with bottle holder.


Note – due to reverse feed mechanism with usage of pump, this water dispenser will not work if there is no electricity.


The product has 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty. Pan India delivery available for the product.

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While normal dispensers require you to lift a 20 liter water jar and keep it on top of a dispenser, Bottom loading water dispenser requires that you just push the jar at the bottom of the dispenser in the bottle holding cabinet. The cabinet can hold 20 liter water jars in which the reverse feed pump (pipe) can be inserted.

Three temperature taps

The bottom loading water dispenser has three temperature taps through which it can dispenser Hot water, Cold water as well as plain water. All the three temperatures are dispensed through a single steel tap. Because the tap is made of steel, it is highly durable.

Stylish looks
The bottom loading water dispenser is made with the objective of making it look stylish so that it can be kept and used in director’s cabin, conference room, meeting rooms, reception etc so that it becomes an indispensable interior design equipment.

No more lifting of water jars
It is true that lifting water jars and putting them on top of the dispenser is a hassle. This dispenser bypasses the tedious process and you can insert the bottle at the bottom

Dimensions of the product
The dimension of the product is Width – 36 cm, Depth – 39 cm, Height 112 cm. The net weight of the product is 16 kg’s.

1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty
The product comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

There is no need of installation for the product as it is a plug and play machine. There are taps on the back of the machine for hot water and cold water dispensing. And there is a plug at the back end. Insert the plug in a 3 pin socket and the machine will start.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 112 cm


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